Albert v. Farm Bureau Ins. Co.


Albert v. Farm Bureau Ins. Co., 916 So.2d 1238 (3rd Circuit) , LA ,   2005,   Report Type: N/A

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15th Judicial District (Lafayette)

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3 knee surgeries; including major reconstructive knee surgery known as OATS procedure; residual pain

Tissue :

soft Tissue

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Treatment Length :

> 12 Months

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soft Tissue

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Case Details

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Man police officer involved in a accident caused by another police officer sustained injuries of cartilage damage and traumatic chondromalacia to the left knee. He had 3 surgeries including major reconstructive knee surgery known as OATS. He continues to have pain and swelling in the knee and increase with the weather change. 

Award Reason :

Trial court found the defendant not liable for the injuries. Appellate court reversed and awarded $150,000 in general damages noting the number and nature of the surgical procedures required and the residual pain and discomfort. Past medical expenses were $48,763 and $8,909 in past lost wages. The man's wife was awarded $25,000 in loss of consortium damages.