Lederer v. Famous Entertainment, Inc.


Lederer v. Famous Entertainment, Inc., 732 So.2d 1277 (4th Circuit) , LA ,   1999,   Report Type: N/A

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Civil District Court (Orleans)

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pre-existing polio; pre-existing diabetes; shattered femur; 2 surgeries; severe pain; bowing of leg; one leg shorter; disability

Tissue :

hard Tissue

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> 12 Months

Pre-existing Conditions :

hard Tissue

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Man 54 years old involved in a fall accident sustained injuries of a shattered femur. Man had a past medical history of polio, diabetic and glaucoma. Man flew back to his home state to have surgery on his femur as requested by his HMO. The surgery was performed the next day and a large blade plate was assembled and screwed into the outside of his thigh. Man required a second surgery because the plate broke at the screw hole. His recovery included rehabilitation treatment and a non-bear weight for 10 months. The surgery caused the man to loss range of motion of his knee and the doctor did not expect it to recover. Man suffered multiple complications because of the accident.

Award Reason :

Jury awarded $100,000 in past, present and future physical pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life, $200,000 in permanent disability and $50,000 in medical bills. Man's wife was awarded $50,000 in loss of consortium. Appellate court amended the judgment by increasing general damages to $300,000 which brought the total to $500,000.