Aaron v. City of Shreveport


Aaron v. City of Shreveport, 867 So.2d 915 (2nd Circuit) , LA ,   2004,   Report Type: N/A

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1st Judicial District

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anterior contusions of knee areas of both legs; RSD unrelated to the accident

Tissue :

hard Tissue

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Treatment Length :

> 12 Months

Pre-existing Conditions :

hard Tissue

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Case Details

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Woman involved in a police car accident sustained injuries of the leg and knee. Four hours later, the woman went to the emergency room seeking treatment for leg and knee pain. The doctor diagnosed her with anterior contusions of the knee area of both legs. She was prescribed pain medication and was released. She was referred to a orthopedic surgeon who saw the woman approximately 6 weeks after the accident. Thirteen months later, the woman continued to complain to the doctor about global burning pain and was prescribed physical therapy for muscle strengthening. The woman continued to have pain and was referred to an anesthesiologist specializing in pain management. A year and a half later, she was seen by the anesthesiologist who diagnosed reflex sympathetic dystrophy, a pain disorder that affects the sympathetic nervous system. Orthopedist testified, he treated the woman for 15 months and he continuously noted the woman experienced residual and burning pain with no evidence of hypersensitivity to touch, temperature, skin changes or bone bruising. Woman stated, she has experienced times when her knees give away. 

Award Reason :

Trial court awarded $25,000 in general and special damages, excluding the expenses for 2 lumbar blocks and the anesthesiologist's treatment. Trial court noted the woman did not suffer RSD and if she did, she failed to prove it was caused by the accident at hand.