Dufrene v. Gautreaux Family, L.L.C.


Dufrene v. Gautreaux Family, L.L.C., 980 So.2d 68 (5th Circuit) , LA ,   2008,   Report Type: N/A

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24th Judicial District

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significant damage to sacroiliac joint causes constant pain; plaintiff undergoes numerous injections, extremely painful prolotherapy treatments; is now unable to bear children

Tissue :

hard Tissue

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Treatment Length :

> 12 Months

Pre-existing Conditions :

hard Tissue

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Woman 35 years old involved in a fall from a stairwell at the mall sustained injuries of her knees, hand and ankle. Woman saw a doctor because her ankle turned blue and she had back pain radiating down her legs and tingling in her hands. Doctors diagnosed a lumbar disc problem with possible sacroiliac joint dysfunction. The next 5 years, she saw 20 different doctors including a chiropractor, she was hospitalized numerous times, given injections and had a lumbar facet block injection as well as acupuncture. 

Award Reason :

Jury awarded $800,000 in pain and suffering, $750,000 in mental anguish, $700,000 in loss of enjoyment of life, $312,000 in past medical expenses, $250,000 in future medical expenses and $400,000 in past and future lost wages.