Perritt v. Commercial Union Ins. Co.


Perritt v. Commercial Union Ins. Co., 673 So.2d 215 (3rd Circuit) , LA ,   1996,   Report Type: N/A

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11th Judicial District (Sabine)

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soft tissue; aggravation of pre-existing pelvic injury

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soft Tissue

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Pre-existing Conditions :

soft Tissue

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Man truck driver involved in a accident with a mobile home sustained injuries of mild back pain and twitching in his left leg. Neurosurgeon ordered a cervical and lumbar MRI but one month later diagnosed no serious involvement of the lumbar spine nerve was involved with the left leg twitching. A different doctor diagnosed the left leg twitching was due to a previous pelvic injury but he began to show signs of atrophy and had trouble walking as well as have dull back ache. Lumbar myelogram and CT scan diagnosed no nerve compression and surgery was not required. Doctor released man back to work but recommended he change careers because of the long sitting he would have to do.

Award Reason :

Court awarded $100,000 in general damages, $14,115 in past medical, $15,000 in past and future lost earnings and man's wife received $2,500 in loss of consortium.