Dunomes v. Plaquemines Parish Government


Dunomes v. Plaquemines Parish Government, 24 So.3d 242 (4th Circuit) , LA ,   2009,   Report Type: N/A

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25th Judicial District

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Cervical herniated disc at C3-4; conservative care for chronic pain; dominant hand impairment

Tissue :

soft Tissue

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Treatment Length :

> 12 Months

Pre-existing Conditions :

soft Tissue

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Case Details

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Man involved in minor accident with garbage truck sustained injuries of the neck pain, tingling in one hand and low back pain. He was treated with medicine and physical therapy. Cervical nerve conduction showed a cervical herniated disc at C3-4 with possible cervical segmental instability. Eight years later, man continued to have to take medicine and suffered with fine motor mobility and loss of feeling in his dominant hand as well as neck pain. Man had two accident on record on previous and one after this accident. Previous accident, he sustained a left facet fracture at C4 but with time healed. Accident at hand showed injuries at C3-4 and L5-S1. Four years later, accident aggravated his symptoms for a few months

Award Reason :

Court awarded $30,000 general damages, $5,003 past medical damages, $2,000 future medical damages and $5,000 loss earning capacity